The Key to Happy Retirement for Expat Teachers in Turkey

26 Ekim 2019

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, especially the scientists and teachers who left their countries due to their unstable monetary system, started to work in universities and colleges in Turkey.

Turkish legislation has unfortunately failed to comply with that social and academic trend. İn early years, inequality of turkish/foreigners amongst employees in terms of social security rights has arisen.

Expat teachers in Turkey benefited from only short term insurance while working until 06.08.2003, if they did not have request for harnessing long term insurance. They finally found a chance to benefit from long term insurance after 2003, even if it is late.

Firstly, let us inform you that short term insurance has no advantage of retirement from Turkey.

Although they started to work decades ago, the retirement has become dream for them just because they did not take advantage from long term insurance.

Do Not Hesitate to Sue

Expat teachers who work under these circumstances and who are entitled to be retired immediately have begun to sue.

We see that they win the case with the decisions of both domestic and supreme court.

We highly recommend that judicial remedy for expat teachers who work in universities for many years and those who have not reached retirement yet.

İn short, we strongly suggest that they have to sue under the supervision of an expert.

The İmportance of Receiving Consultancy

Also we believe that retirement planning is crucial for every one.

We experience that receiving consultancy saves a lot for individuals almost each and every day. In other words, we are here to provide retirement from Turkey profitably.


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